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Designing a publication that will increase the involvement of residents of Warsaw in activities undertaken in their neighbourhood.

“Close cooperation with Design Provision and the opportunity to actively participate in all stages of the project was an extremely valuable experience. I had the opportunity to learn about the service design and design research approach and better understand the needs of various readers of our publication.”

Michał Kuszewski
Project Manager, the Social Communication Centre of Warsaw




The Social Communication Centre of the Capital City of Warsaw aims at activating residents and increasing their involvement through the use of various municipal initiatives. The "Niezbędnik Aktywnych Mieszkańców" publication — abbreviated as „NAM" [pol. nam — for us] — was a tool that collected all information concerning the participation of residents. Unfortunately, the number of active Warsaw residents was still low. Therefore, when a new version of this tool was being created — "NAM 2.0", it was decided to use the methods of Design Thinking and Service Design to get a thorough understanding of the needs of residents.


Learning about the needs of people involved in the life of the city (city employees, employees of NGOs, community workers, etc.) in the context of their activity in matters related to the city, as well as determining the barriers that make other residents less active, required close cooperation between the employees of the office of the City of Warsaw and our team. Together we conducted field interviews — in various districts, offices, streets, at outdoor events, as well as group interviews and workshops with residents of Warsaw. As a result of the analysis, we turned the first loose observations into specific conclusions, built Personas and guidelines, which determined the direction of designing the new publication. During the co-creation workshops, concepts and prototypes of the new publication were created, which were then tested with users and improved in the iteration process.


Finally, a new version of the publication was created with a new content structure, an it was tested with residents. The graphic design was developed by MariannaWybieralska. The title „Warszawa po mojemu”  (Warsaw — my way) was also conceived in a workshop. The publication has been distributed to all city offices. It is also available on-line in PDF format, and as a website.

Year: 2018