Building a design brief and supervising the implementation of the graphic identification design for the new discount platform Goodie.




In 2016 Bank Millennium created a new on-line platform whose basic functionality is aggregating information on current discounts, discount coupons, promotional newspapers etc. in branded brick and mortar stores, shopping malls and online shops. The Goodie platform needed a good visual identity.


Our task was to create a design brief, based on the values that are most important for the platform, taking into account customer attitudes and the expectations of the owner of the new brand, and then choose a graphic studio that would best meet the formulated assumptions.

The process had several stages, including research of related platforms on the market and their visual language, searching for inspiration, defining design assumptions, searching for appropriate graphic designers, carrying out briefings together with the Goodie team. After selecting the contractor, our task was to supervise the implementation of the graphic identity design with elements building the graphic language of the mobile application and desktop platform.


As a result, an attractive, state-of-the-art visual identification was created, reflecting the values important for the brand owner. The authors are graphic designers from Studio Otwarte in Krakow.