Designing a new model of customer service for customers interested in saving and investing with Bank Millennium.




Bank Millennium was planning to create a new model of customer service for customers interested in saving and investing. The aim of the project was to design a new scenario of a customer service dialogue at the Bank’s branch as well as visual materials that would help customers better understand the product portfolio, remember its most important elements, and at the same time would facilitate explaining the products by consultants and help keep the customer focused.


Together with a dedicated team from Bank Millennium, we went on a service safari with over a dozen field visits to various branches to experience the context in which such dialogues take place. We conducted over a dozen interviews: with bank employees to learn their point of view and with customers who had taken part in dialogues about savings and investments. These activities allowed us to understand both the day-to-day reality of working at a bank, and the emotions experienced by customers during meetings concerning savings and investments. We became aware of both the incentives and obstacles. We created Personas and Customer Journey Maps, we defined the project challenge and the guidelines for ideation. Then, for a few weeks, we were conducting co-creation workshops combined with tests. Quick iterations led the team to the final result.


The result is a comprehensive customer service model with graphic materials that provide top-down guidance through the dialogue for both the consultant and the customer. The customer learns about the product portfolio gradually, getting a limited amount of information at each stage. Thus, the customer is able to focus the dialogue on groups of products that meet their expectations. During the implementation of the design process, our team put great emphasis on knowledge transfer, and the final report became the basis for the creation of a model process for subsequent projects of this type carried out by Bank Millennium.

Year: 2015