Learning about the real needs of users of the service ZnanyLekarz.pl.

“After the project our company is better equipped to create solutions that respond real patients’ needs.”

Eduard Llovet
Product Owner & Head of UX Doctoralia / Docplanner / ZnanyLekarz




Dynamically developing portal ZnanyLekarz.pl, which is a part of the international group Docplanner, is a platform that facilitates finding a doctor and booking a visit, while offering to doctors various tools for managing relations with patients. The UX Docplanner team working in Warsaw and Barcelona wanted to get to know their users — the so-called patients — better and find out who the real people using the service are and in what situations they do it.


The process proposed by us was aimed at understanding the broader context of patients’ life, going beyond the use of the ZnanyLekarz.pl portal. In close cooperation with the Docplanner team in Warsaw and Barcelona, during several months of work we conducted a series of qualitative and quantitative studies. In total, we have conducted nearly 30 in-depth individual interviews in three locations in Poland, several Friends & Family interviews, as well as quantitative studies confirming our hypotheses resulting from qualitative research. 


As a result, we have developed nine Personas representing patients, their characteristics, needs and motivations. In the  so-called use cases we have also mapped typical behavior on the portal of various Personas. The aim was to develop tools for the UX team, as well as for the entire organization, to better understand patient needs. Currently, Personas are used by Docplanner to develop solutions, recruit respondents for tests, and optimize user experience (UX) of the portal.

Year: 2018