organiSational DESIGN.

We carry out organizational changes by designing, testing and developing strategies and solutions that build "design mindset" in teams.

  • We develop research plans aimed at understanding the internal culture and dynamics of the organization; we collect inspirations and define the areas with the greatest potential for change.

  • We co-create new internal structures, ways of communicating, teams and their rituals; we create professional development paths adapted to rapid changes for employees of companies and institutions operating in various industries.

  • We design internal tools, programs and processes that support new ways of working and creating strong organizational culture.

Organizational Design is a natural consequence of Design Strategy, it strives to develop and implement changes at the level of the organization's structure and methods of operation in order to permanently influence its culture. 

The "design mindset" is an empathic attitude that is geared towards exploring other points of view. It is connected with a constant need to learn, problem-solving attitude and willingness to overcome limitations.

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